Family History Notebook

John Wallace Swindle ("Wallace")

Son of Joseph and Annie Swindle, born on the 11th of December 1898 5 at Coalcleugh, Northumberland


Married Mary Ethel Richardson "Ethel" (born 1904 3) on 5th April 1923 at Nenthead, Cumberland


James Ernest, born on the 10th of June 1925
Moyra, born 1928

Died on the 30th of November 1984 in Stockton, County Durham (Teesside)

Joined the Army in WW1. He was in the Royal North Lancashire Regiment, and was known as Pte J.W Swindle, Number  56185,  1/5 LN. Lancs and he was a Rifle Bomber. Don't know the date he joined, but he joined  through conscription.  He was in Etaples, France from 1917 until October 1919.

When he left the Army he became a coal miner until he retired.

Joseph and Annie, Wallace and Ethel, son and daughter
Stone Cottage, Nenthead (c 1934?)
(Click for larger image)
(photo courtesy of Pauline Lonsdale)

Wallace, Ethel, Jim and Moyra left Nenthead in December 1939 and moved to Crook, Co Durham.

Wallace and Ethel moved to Stockton-on-Tees  approx 1962, where their family had moved to previously.

John Wallace Swindle diamond wedding
Wallace and Ethel on their diamond wedding anniversary
(Photo courtesy of Jan Boyes)

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1   Information from family tree from Anne Roberts / Jim Swindale and from Jan Boyes.

2 Information suppressed on this page for reasons of privacy - click here for privacy policy.

3    Jim Swindale 1977

4    Pauline Lonsdale

5    Information from Jan Boyes. She has unsuccessfully searched Church  baptism records at Woodhorn for John Wallace's baptism:- Mohope,  Ninebanks and West Allen (Cof E) Allendale Town,    Allendale Wesleyan Methodist,  Hesleywell (Wesley)  Allen Heads Bethal, Allendale High House and Allendale St Cuthbert.