Family History Notebook

 (Lilian) Margaret Swindale

Daughter of John Stephen Swindale and Mabel Minnie Larkins, born on the 10th of July 1920 at 2 Morna Road, Denmark Hill, London.

Educated 1927-1939 at the Mary Batchelor School for Girls

Gained history degree at Bedford College (1939-42), University of London - evacuated to Cambridge. Then PGCE course (1942-43) at London Institute of Education - evacuated to Nottingham. Did her teaching practice at Harrow County Boys'  and Harrow County Girls' Schools whilst  she and her mother were living with her aunt Fanny and uncle Fred.

Lived with her mother at 6 Church Walk, Peterborough 1943-46. They had the ground floor and upstairs rooms at the back of the house. The post at Peterborough was Margaret's first appointment after her post-graduate training year at Nottingham. Her first classroom was in one of two houses used by the school, on the corner opposite the main school building1. These houses are no longer in the occupation of the school. (JAS notes after visit to Peterborough with Margaret 26 August 1980.)
Moved with her mother to 4, Elgin Park Road, Bristol in August 1946 and to take up teaching post at Colston's Girls School, where she remained until she retired in 1981. Moved with her mother to 13, Clyde Road, Bristol in 1958 (JAS notes Dec 1981) and then in 1983 bought a flat at 8 Clyde Road.

Never married

Still active in 2015