Family History Notebook

Mary Ann Swindle

Daughter of Thomas Swindle and Ellen Moffat, born on the 29th of January 1865 at Mill House1 in Allendale, Northumberland

Married Henry Oldfield 2 on the 2nd of March 1889 in St. John's in the Vale, Cumberland


Thomas William, born on the 23rd of March 1889 in St John's in the Vale, Cumberland
Harry, born 1891 in Ulverston, Lancashire
Frederick, born 1892 in Ulverston, Lancashire
Mary, born 1894 in Ulverston, Lancashire
Helen, born 1899 in Ulverston, Lancashire
Cecil, born 1898 in Ulverston, Lancashire
Margaret, born 1900 in Ulverston, Lancashire


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1    Presumably Mill House, Carrshield

2    'Harry', a railway clerk,  1867, son of William Oldfield, coachmand, gardener

3    Julia Oldfield, living in Australia, whose husband is descended from Harry Oldfield, has provided much information on this branch of the family.