Family History Notebook

Mary Atkinson

Daughter of Henry Atkinson and Anne Eleanor Davy (married 7th July 1829 at Crosthwaite), baptised on the 12th of October 1845 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland

Married Isaac Swindle, on the 5th of June 1865 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland


Eliza, born 1866 (died in infancy) 1
Mary Ann, baptised on the 1st of July 1866, at Keswick, Cumberland
Eliza, baptised on the 5th of April 1868, at Keswick, Cumberland
Sarah Agnes, baptised on the 6th of February 1870, at Keswick, Cumberland
Emma Jane, baptised on the 5th of May 1872, at Keswick, Cumberland
John, baptised on the 7th of March 1875, at Keswick, Cumberland
Thomas Henry, baptised on the 2nd of July 1882, at Keswick, Cumberland
Arthur, baptised on the 3rd of July 1887, at Keswick, Cumberland

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Mary Atkinson
with Arthur?

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1    Information from Mary Pattinson