Family History Notebook

Mary Braithwaite

The daughter of John Braithwaite and Mary Birkett, baptised on the 23rd of February 1812 in Crosthwaite, Cumberland 1

Married  Thomas Swindle on the 17th of January 1833 in Crosthwaite, Cumberland

Susannah, born 1833  1
Mary Ann, baptised 19th of April 1835, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Mary, 1837 1
Sarah, baptised 23rd of April 1837, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
John, baptised on the 7th of April 1839, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Agnes, baptised on the 2nd of May 1841, at Keswick, Cumberland
Isaac, baptised on the 16th of July 1843, at Keswick, Cumberland

Died 1896


1    There are other possibilities for the ancestry of Mary - e.g. Mary, daughter of William Braithwaite and Mary Fallows, baptised 17th June 1804 in Crosthwaite or Mary, daughter of John and Mary Braithwaite, baptised 31st May 1806 Kendal - and others. However the death of a Mary Swindle at 84 years old is registered at Cockermouth and Thomas's children are named George, then Susannah (after Thomas's parents), then Mary Ann, Mary, John (after Mary's parents?). This year of birth is confirmed in the 1881 census