Family History Notebook

Mary Margaret Swindle

Daughter of Mary Swindle, born on the 22nd of February 1862 at Quay Willington, baptised on the 16th of March 1862 at St Paul's, Willington Quay, Northumberland.

Married David Thomas on the 10th of March 1879 at St Mary's Church, in the parish of Heworth, Durham3

Notes by Norman Swindle

1    Mary Margaret’s Parents.

Her father is not shown on the birth certificate or in the Church Baptism Register. The identity of Mary Swindle is not apparent. Swindles started to appear in the 1861 census living in Willington Quay with the family of Joseph and Sarah Ann. Also, there was Joseph’s brother, Thomas, who was staying with his sister Margaret who had married John Hutchinson. By the 1871 census, two other families are shown, that of Francis (Joseph’s brother) and Elizabeth and that of  George and Elizabeth. There was no Mary who was old enough to be the mother.                          

Mary is probably the sister of Francis, Joseph, Thomas and Margaret i.e. the children of Francis and Mary nee Henderson. 

Joseph had moved to Willington Quay, marrying there on 8/12/1856. Francis and Mary were living in a house in Nenthead according to the 1861 census. Francis married on 25/5/1861 in Nenthead and had presumably moved to Willington Quay sometime between the birth of their first child Dryden on 6/5/1862 in Nenthead, and the birth of their second son George Frederick on 4/3/1865 in Willington Quay. So Mary could have moved to Willington Quay after the marriage of Francis, perhaps to stay with her brother Joseph. Mary would have been 19 at the time of the birth and she later married John Thompson on 8/2/1868 in Wallsend. John Thompson was shown as Mary Margaret’s father on her marriage certificate although whether he was her true father is not known. (To my mind this makes the identity of Mary Margaret's mother fairly conclusively Mary, sister of Francis AJS)

2    From birth certificate (Birth registered at Tynemouth in the first quarter of of 1862)

3    From marriage certificate:

Married on:      10/3/1879 at St. Mary’s Church in the parish of Heworth, Durham

                                     David Thomas, 21, Bachelor, Iron Worker, Jarrow       Father: Benjamin Thomas, Heater?

                                    Mary Margaret Swindle, 17, Spinster, Jarrow   Father: John Thompson, Labourer

                                                 Witnesses:        John Hutchinson and James Young.