Family History Notebook

Mary Stout

Daughter of John2 and Tamar Stout 1, born on the 12th of July 1805, baptised on December 29th 1805 at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland

Married John Swindle on 27th May 1824 in St Augustine's, Alston, Cumberland


Susanborn at Garrigill Gate and baptised 10th October 1824 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
George, baptised on the 27th of November 1827 at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland from Garrigill Gate
John, born 25th of December 1828 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 1st of February 1829 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Tamar, born 12th May 1831 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 1st January 1832 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Susan, born 8 November 1833 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 13th of April 1834 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Mary, born 25 December 1835 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 22nd of October 1836 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
?Ann3, born 1841 in Garrigill, Cumberland

Living at Garrigill Gate at the time of the 1841 census and at Middlehouses at the time of the 1861 census. Keeping house for her nephew, Thomas Stout, at Force Green, Garrigill at the time of the 1871 census. Possibly the Mary Swindle visiting Joseph Thomason in 1881. 4

Buried 16/2/1887 at St. Johns, Garrigill, aged 615


1    Tamar, daughter of John Cowper

2    A John Stout, aged 78, was living next to Mary at the time of the 1841 census. With him was living Susannah Swindle, aged 8.

3    An Ann is listed on the 1841 census but John died in 1837?. Is Ann an illegitimate child of Susan? (Mary Pattinson)
 - Unlikely since the elder Susan presumably died before the younger Susan was baptised. The elder Susan is not listed with the family in the 1841 or 1851 census. How do we know John died in 1837? (AJS). Ann is listed as the daughter of Mary in the 1851 census.

4    Mary's daughter Ann, who is living close by, had an illegitimate son Elliott Thomason Swindle

5    Mary Swindle (nee Stout) appears to to have received charity payments according to the church accounts of
St Johns, Garrigill. (Morpeth Record Office)

1) Starting in 1868 there is an entry:

“The bequest of Mr. Stephenson to eight poor widows having setlements in the Parish
of Alston, and residing in the Chapelry of Garrigill. 2 - 0 - 0"

Mary was one of the beneficiaries with an entry for January 1st 1868:

Mary Swindle 5/- Middle Houses 63

This is repeated amost every year until the entry: Xmas Day 1886.
From 1871 her address is shown as Force Green.
It is believed Mary was buried 16/2/1887 at St. Johns, Garrigill, aged 81.

2) She also benefitted from “Wilkinsons’s Charity” whereby the sum of 5 pounds was distributed
annually on 1st February. Mary received her first payment of 2/6 in 1870 and then 2/- almost
every year after that until the last payment in 1887. Her address was shown as Force Green for the
entries 1876 to 1879.