Family History Notebook

Mary Swindle

Daughter of John Swindle and Barbara Bowman baptised 22 October 1810 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)

Married Henry Martin on the 3rd of September 1831 at Ninebanks


Joseph, born on the 27th of November 1832, baptised on the 13th of January 1833 at the Weslyan Methodist Church, North Shields, Northumberland. 3


1    "1832 Nov 10        A tremendous storm of wind and rain occurred in the neighbourhood of Alston, in the course of which Mrs H. Martin and her daughter, of Redheugh, West Allen, perished whilst returning over the fells to their home"

- Allendale and Whitfield: Historical Notices of the Two Parishes. George Dickinson 3rd Edition 1903 Page 137

However this could well be another Mrs H Martin - e.g. in 1825 a son Henry was born to Henry and Margaret Martin in Ninebanks and on 4th June 1831 a Henry Martin married Hannah Emmerson at Ninebanks

2    I had considered it possible that this Mary was
 i)    Mary the daughter of Peter and Nancy Swindle, born 1802. and/or
ii)    the mother of an illegitimate child Tamar in 1824 - father's name Dodd
but information from James Armstrong makes this unlikely (see Tamar )
The information in note 3 confirms Mary's parents

3    Maternal grandparents John & Barbara Swindle (RG4 2837)