Family History Notebook

Mary Swindle

Daughter of George Swindle and Mary Archerbaptised 25th November 1835 1at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland

Listed in the 1841 census as aged 5 and in the 1851 as aged 15 (after her brother Vipond who was listed as the same age)

Buried on the 7th of December 1857 in St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland from Middlehouses at the age of  22 2


1     I have a note of Mary as being born in 1833. I cannot now track where this information came from. It is probably in error since Mary is listed as the same age as Vipond in the 1841 and 1851 census and is listed as being 22 at her death in 1857.

2    It is possible that this could be Mary the daughter of John Swindle and Mary Stout but she would only have been 21.