Family History Notebook

Mary Swindle

Daughter of Wallis Swindle and Elizabeth Smith,  born 1857

Married James Forster in 1883 4


Elizabeth, born 1883/4 in Stanhope, County Durham
George, born 1885/6 in Stanhope
James Wallace, born 1887/8 in Stanhope
Isabella, born 1889/90 in Stanhope
Edward, born 1891/2 in Stanhope
Mary Jane, born 1893/4 in Stanhope
John Joseph, born 1895/6 in Stanhope
Robert Thomas, born 1897/9 in Stanhope
Deborah Annie, born 1899/1900 in Stanhope
Freddie, born 1902/3 in Stanhope

Probably died in 1923 aged 66 in Weardale. 5


1    A Mary Ann Swindle, aged 27 is working as a servant in 1881 for Henry Philipson, at Side House, Allendale.

2    There are just two birth registrations for a Mary Swindle in the Hexham district in the period March 1856 to December 1863
i)    Mary Swindle(1), registered first quarter of 1857 (FreeBMD 10b 211)
ii)   Mary Swindle(2), registered fourth quarter of 1857 (FreeBMD 10b 203)
The first will be Mary Swindle, daughter of Robert Swindle and Hannah Bell; The second is probably Mary Swindle, daughter of Wallis and Elizabeth Swindle. Both are four years old in the 1861 census. The first is 14 in the 1871 census, the second 13 years old.
Mary Swindle(1) married a John Elliot in 1876.
Mary Swindle(2) has not been traced after 1871, except as the entry in the 1881 census above and the 1883 marriage in #4 below.

3    I have found no good match to Mary Swindle(2) per se in the 1891 census and no better match than above in the 1881 census.

4    The marriage of Mary Swindle to John Elliot was registered in the third quarter of 1876 in the district of Weardale (FreeBMD 10a 350).
    The marriage of Mary Swindle to Louis Joshua Herdman was registered in the fourth quarter of 1882 in the district of Alston (FreeBMD 10b 567)
    The marriage of Mary Swindle to Richard Ormston or James Forster was registered in the third quarter of 1883 in the district of Weardale (FreeBMD 10a 366). No evidence that Mary married Richard Ormston but Mary Forster, wife of James Forster, born about 1861 in West Allen is listed in the 1891 census, born about 1860 in Allendale is listed in the 1901 census and born about 1858 is listed in the 1911 census.

5    The death of Mary Forster aged 66 was registered in the fourth quarter of 1923 in the Weardale district (FreeBMD 10a 272)

6    1891, 1901 1911 census living at Brandon Walls, Rookhope.