Family History Notebook

Mary Watson

Daughter of William Watson (miner), born 1822 in Alston, Cumberland

Married Joseph Swindale on 6th June 1840 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Dyke Nook)


Anne, born 1841 in Moscow, Allendale, Northumberland
Elizabeth born March 1843, buried 2nd May 1843 at Carrshield, Northumberland (from Dyke Nook)
Elizabeth, baptised 7th May 1844 in Carrshield, Northumberland (from Dyke Nook), buried 2nd November 1846 at Carrshield, Northumberland (from Dyke Nook)
William, born 1846 (in Moscow, Allendale, Northumberland?)
John, born 2/1848 died 3/1848 6
Joseph, born 14th January 1849 in Castleside, County Durham
John, born 29th April 1851 in Castleside, County Durham
Stephen, born 1852 in Castleside, County Durham
Thomas Henry, born 21st April 1855 in Castleside, County Durham

Buried on the 12th of July 1859 aged 37 in Muggleswick (Castleside), County Durham


 1   I can find no record of Mary's baptism. Her father's name is from the marriage register entry. (A William Watson married Hannah Parmenly on 31st August 1820 in Alston. They had two children: John/Joseph baptised 8 Aug 1821/9 Sep 1821 and Anthony baptised 13 Feb 1824. Mary could have been born before Anthony. A William Watson married Isabella Lee on 9 Dec 1821 - no obvious record of children).

 2   A Watson family tree has been published at but does not contain this Mary.

3    The 1851 census gives Mary's age as 28, ie born 1822/3. Her age of 37 at burial implies born before July 1822 - ie April, May, June or early July 1822.