Family History Notebook

Matthew Chester

Possibly son of Joseph Chester and Margaret (Peggy) Ridley, baptised 1st February 1789 in Ninebanks, Northumberland 1

Married Sarah Swindle on 20th July 1811 in St Cuthbert's, Allendale, Northumberland.


Joseph, baptised on 21st September 1812 in Ninebanks, Northumberland
Barbara, baptised on 31 July 1814 in Ninebanks, Northumberland
John, baptised on 8th September 1816 in Ninebanks, Northumberland
Matthew, baptised on 30th May 1824 in Ninebanks, Northumberland


1    Another Matthew Chester was born to Isaac Chester in 1787 in Alston and yet another in 1787 to Isaac Chester at 'Physic Hall', Cumberland. Matthew and Sarah's first son is called Joseph, and Matthew is more likely to come from Ninebanks than Alston. However, further investigation shows that the witnesses at the wedding were John Swindle and Isaac Chester, so ....
(Matthew, son of Joseph and Peggy Chester, had a younger brother Isaac baptised on the 29th of November 1791)

2    Matthew and Sarah lived at High Limestone Brae.