Family History Notebook

Peter Swindale

Son of Peter Swindal and Susannah Nicholson, baptised 15th June 1774 in Whitfield, Northumberland

Married Sarah Lee on 3rd December 1803 in St Cuhberts, Allendale, Northumberland.


Peter, baptised 23rd September 1804 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Harsley) (died in infancy)
Jane, baptised on 14th July 1807 in St John, Garrigill, Cumberland (from Hilltop)
Thomas, baptised 26th February 1810 in St John, Garrigill, Cumberland (from Hilltop)
Susannah, baptised 7th January 1815 in Alston, Cumberland
John, baptised 1st March 1819 in Alston, Cumberland (Wesleyan Chapel)

Buried 29th February 1820 at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland from Nattrass


1    St John's, Garrigill, was the parish church (or rather chapel) covering Nenthead until St John's, Nenthead was built in 1845. Hilltop is a group of houses adjacent to the lead smelter and Old Carr's Vein mine in Nenthead - but there are other places of the same name. (For example Dodbury, ˝km north of Garrigill was also known as Hilltop [William Wallace - Alston Moor p73]).

2    Peter's baptism entry reads Swindale but the entries for his children read Swindle