Family History Notebook

Peter Swindle

Born 1797 or 1798. Probably the son of Peter and Nancy Swindle, born between Malley and Sarah  1

Married Mary Dixon (b. c1799) on the 16th of November 1822 in Allendale


Wallis, baptised on the 2nd of March 1823 at Ninebanks, Northumberland from Smallburns
Elizabeth, 1824 3
Peter, baptised on the14th of August 1825 at Carrshield, Northumberland from Smallburns (died 1829)
William, 1826 3
Joseph, baptised on the 27th of April 1828 at Carrshield, Northumberland from Smallburns
Robert, baptised on the 2nd of May 1830 at Carrshield, Northumberland from Ruffside
Marybaptised on the 4th of August 1833 at Carrshield, Northumberland from Ruffside
Peter, baptised on the 25th of March 1838 at Carrshield, Northumberland from Smallburns

Living at Welhope at time of 1841 census with his wife Mary, together with Elizabeth, William, Joseph, Robert, Mary, Peter
Living at Well Hope at time of 1851 census with his wife Mary, together with Joseph, Robert and Peter



1    See discussion below

2    Appears to have moved from Smallburns to Hearty Clough (at the death of his son Peter) to Ruffside, back to Smallburns, then to Wellhope

3    Information from family tree from Anne Roberts / Jim Swindale

4    This is possibly the Peter Swindle recorded as working at Coalcleugh lead mine from 1812 to at least 1816

Possible ancestry of Peter Swindle

According to the 1851 census Peter Swindle was born in Allendale sometime around 1797 or 1798. The Swindle families living in Allendale at the end of the 18th century were:-

a)    (John and Sarah's Children)
            Had married Thomas Hetherington in 1787 - Peter is therefore not her illegitimate son
            Possible that Peter was John's son born between Barbara and John.
However there is a pattern of John's children bringing up their families at Limestone Brae rather than moving out. Peter would have been the eldest son and inherited at least a share of Limestone Brae. Peter being born in 1797/8 does not fit into John and Barbara's child bearing pattern.
            Possible that Peter was Peter's son born between Malley and Sarah.
If  Peter were to be Sarah's elder brother, and he had moved into Smallburns before he married Mary Dixon (he was certainly living there in 1823) it would be a good explanation as to why Sarah was living at Smallburns when her son Joseph was born. It is notable that Nancy died at Ruffside in 1861 - however she had been living with Thomas at Mill House in 1851.
    (Thomas - died 1791)
            Married 1801. Possible that he was an earlier illegitimate but acknowledged son but very unlikely since George named a later son Peter
            Married 1802. Possible that he was an earlier illegitimate son but acknowledged son.
b)    (Christopher and Ann's children)
c)    (Peter and Susannah and children)
            Not a final son since they already had a living son Peter
            John already has a known son Peter, born 1795
            Peter started his family in 1804 - and his first son was called Peter. Very unlikely therefore to have had an earlier son called Peter.
            Francis married in 1799. Just possible but extremely unlikely that Peter was an earlier illegitimate but acknowledged son.
            Peter could be Ann's illegitimate child - but she would have been very young (15)
            Too young to be Peter's father
d)    George and Mary
            Peter could be a final son born after Sarah
            Just possibly an illegitimate son of George's daughters Elizabeth or Mary
            George's known sons and other daughters are too young to be Peter's parent