Family History Notebook

Peter Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Susannah Vipond, born 1815 1, baptised 17th December 1818 in Garrigill, Cumberland

Married Jane Bowness on the 9th of December 1841 at Keswick, Cumberland (Registered at Cockermouth)


Robert, baptised on the 24th of July 1842 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
George, baptised on the 11th of August 1844 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Sarah, baptised on the 10th of October 1847 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Jane, baptised on the 22nd of September 1850 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Peter, born 1853 2
Susannah, baptised on the 12th of August 1855 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland

In 1835 Peter was involved, with his brothers Jacob and Vipond, in opening up the Wythburn lead mine in Thirlmere but the venture collapsed in 1837. Working at Greenside lead mine in 1842

A lead miner, living with his brother Thomas in Harriman's Fields, Keswick in 1841, very close to Jane Bowness. Moved to Wren's Yard Keswick, a lead miner, at the time of the 1851 census.

One of five brothers who moved from Garrigill to Keswick

Buried on the 11th of November 1860 in Crosthwaite, Cumberland at the age of 44


1    Information from Mary Pattinson. Gives his age as 36 at the time of the 1851 census.

2    Date derived from marriage register (Peter, son of Peter Swindle, miner). No baptism found in parish registers for Crosthwaite or Keswick.

3    In the 1851 census, Norman (17) and Samuel (14) Bowness are listed as stepsons of Peter Swindle. These are the illegitimate sons of Jane. Norman would have been born 1833/1834 - the period when the Swindle brothers appear to have moved over to Keswick from Garrigill; Peter would have been 18, Jane 20.

Sarah is not listed with Peter and Jane in the 1851 census.