Family History Notebook

Richard Swindall

Son of Richard Swindel and Margaret Foster baptised 18 May 1673 in Hexham, Northumberland

Probably married to Elizabeth (buried 24 Sept 1741)


    George and Jane, baptised 8 September 1695 at Hexham, Northumberland
    Margaret, baptised 20 February 1697/8 at Hexham, Northumberland
    Richard, baptised 1 June 1701 at Hexham, Northumberland (buried 25th July 1701)
    John, baptised 13 December 1702 at Hexham, Northumberland
    Mary, baptised 29 April 1705 at Hexham, Northumberland
    Christopher, buried 20 April 1706

Buried 27th January 1720 in Hexham, Northumberland

Richard is recorded as being from Yarridge, 3 km SE of Hexham, (1695), Hole House, 3km S of Hexham (1698), and Dotland, 4 km SSE of Hexham (1701, 1702, 1705, 1706). In 1705 he is recorded as 'Pyper'. This may be dialect for 'pauper' though I have not found it in any dictionary.

Surname is spelt Swindall for five baptisms and Swindale for one baptism. (His father is Swindel 1666-1680 and Swindall in 1687)

No further information known.


1    Richard seems to have settled at Dotland following the death of his father in 1699.

2    Abraham Ord, a dyer, also lived at Hole House. Did John Orde find work for his future son-in-law's brother?

3    What would have happened to Richard's wife and daughters - Jane, Margaret and Mary - following his death? Would George have been expected to look after his mother and any unmarried sisters? (John died in 1722).