Family History Notebook

Robert Hetherington

Possibly son of Thomas and Hannah Hetherington, baptised at Ninebanks 20 October 17821

Married Sarah Swindle on 26th April 1823 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Whitley Shield))


Hannah, baptised 8th August 1824 at Carrshield, Northumberland
Ann, baptised 13 August 1826 at Carrshield
Robert baptised 9th November 1828 at Carrshield
Ann, baptised 5th December  1830 at Carrshield
Elizabeth, baptised 20 January 1833 at Carrshield
Thomas, baptised 10 May 1834  at Carrshield
John, baptised 25th June 1837 at Carrshield
Robert, baptised on the 1st of September 1839 at Carrshield
William, baptised on the 30th of July 1843 at Carrshield

Buried on the 23rd of December 1849 4. Sarah was a widow at the time of the 1851 census.


1    This possibility is suggested by the locality and by Robert and Sarah's first daughter being named Hannah, but there are many other Hetheringtons. (This line of ancestry has been followed in the World Family Tree Vol 88 Tree 0992 - see below)

2    There is no obvious connection between Robert Hetherington and Thomas Hetherington who married Elizabeth Swindale, Sarah's aunt. However both are from Whiteley Shield so there probably is a connection.

3    Further information on the ancestors of Robert Hetherington and the descendants of Thomas Albert Hetherington in 'World Family Tree' v88t0992

4    Died 1849 according to Joan Shrewsbury. Gill Wilson has a copy of the death certificate