Family History Notebook

Sarah Swindle

Married Henry Elliott on 29th of May 1860 in St Mary's Carlisle, Cumberland (bmd)


Ancestry untraced. Possibly Sarah, daughter of Vipond Swindle and Margaret Bowness baptised on the 10th of October 1838 in Crosthwaite, Cumberland. The two other Sarahs of approximately the right age are
i)    Sarah, daughter of  Thomas Swindle and Mary Braithwaite, baptised 23rd of April 1837, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland, probably married Richard Smithson on 31st of May 1856 at Ireby, Cumberland 1
ii)    Sarah, daughter of George Swindle and Mary Archer 1, born c1839, was unmarried in 1881

However, the Basil Elliott family tree suggests that George Swindle and Margaret Whitfield had a daughter Sarah somewhere between 1830 and 1839.