Family History Notebook

Susanna Swindle

Recorded in the 1851 census as a servant, aged 18, to Robert and Ann Norman in Aspatria, Cumberland, born in Alston

Possible the same as Susannah Swindle, daughter of  Thomas Swindle and Mary Braithwaite, born 1833 1 (in Keswick?) or Susannah Swindle, daughter of Jacob Swindle and Ann Forrest, baptised on the 28th of December 1834 in Wigton, Cumberland but neither of these two is likely to have described themselves as born in Alston (although in the case of Susannah, daughter of Thomas, it is just possible).

More likely Susan Swindle, daughter of John Swindle and Mary Stout, born 8 Nov 1833 at Middlehouses although she would only have been 17 at the time of the census.