Family History Notebook

Susannah Vipond

Daughter of Jacob Vipond (Vipont) and Ann Fleming, born 22nd January 1779 at Cragshield, Alston, Cumberland
baptised 3rd February 1780 at Redwing and Low Chapel Congregational Church 1

Married George Swindle on 7th May 1801 in Alston, Cumberland


John, baptised 13th March 1802 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Grassleswell ? row)
George, baptised 26th November 1803 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Girsle Raw)
Sarah, baptised 8 February 1806 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Gisslerow)
Vipond, baptised 28th May 1807  in Alston, Cumberland 2
Thomas, baptised 3rd April 1809 in Garrigill, Cumberland
Christopher, baptised 7th May 1810 in Garrigill, Cumberland
Jacob, (1811) baptised 28 October 1813 in Garrigill, Cumberland
Susannah (1814) (buried 1818 aged 4) 3
Peter, (1815) baptised 17th December 1818 in Garrigill, Cumberland
Robert, (1816) baptised 17th December 1818 in Garrigill, Cumberland (buried 1819)
Isaac, baptised 24th May 1819 in Garrigill, Cumberland (buried 1820)

Buried  24th December 1821 at Garrigill from Middle Houses aged 42


1    The entry for Vipond's baptism gives Sussanah's father as Jacob. Susannah is recorded as being 42 when she dies. The information for her birth is in the IGI under 'Endowments for the dead', that for her baptism as entered in the parish register.

2    This entry, although transcribed by myself from J.W. Robinson's transcription as 28th May 1802, was several pages out of sequence for that date; it is noted by the IGI as July 1807 and records Vipond as George's 3rd son. I therefore believe the date should be 28th May 1807 - this requires checking in the original parish register.