Family History Notebook

Thomas Hetherington

Son of Joseph Hetherington 1 of Whiteley Shield

Married Elizabeth Swindale on 24th May 1787 in St Cuthbert's, Allendale, Northumberland


John 3, baptised on the 26th of April 1788 at Ninebanks, Northumberland
Joseph 3, baptised on the 17th of February 1790 at Ninebanks, Northumberland
John 3, baptised on the 17th of February 1792 at Ninebanks, Northumberland
William 3, baptised on the 19th of June 1803 at Ninebanks, Northumberland

Buried on the 31st of March 1807 at Ninebanks (from Millhouse) 3


1    See marriage entry. Joseph had died before the date of the marriage

2    There is no obvious connection between Thomas Hetherington and Robert Hetherington who married Sarah Swindle, Elizabeth's niece. However both are from Whiteley Shield so there probably is a connection.

3    Information from Jenny DeAngelis, posted 17th March 2002. Joseph married Jane Brown and is ancestor of Jenny DeAngelis - or maybe not! 2014 Jenny thinks that her ancestor was Thomas Hetherington who married Hannah Hetherington and had a son Joseph baptised 1788.