Family History Notebook

Thomas Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Susannah Vipond baptised 3rd April 1809 in Garrigill, Cumberland

Married Isabella Shield on the 9th of February 1828 in St Augustine's, Alston, Cumberland


George, born c 1828 in Garrigill, Cumberland 4

Married Mary Braithwaite  on the 17th of January 1833 in Crosthwaite, Cumberland (the same day as his brother Jacob married Ann Forest)

Susannah, born c1833 
Mary Ann, baptised 19th of April 1835, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Sarah, baptised 23rd of April 1837, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
John, baptised on the 7th of April 1839, at Crosthwaite, Cumberland
Agnes, baptised on the 2nd of May 1841, at Keswick, Cumberland
Isaac, baptised on the 16th of July 1843, at Keswick, Cumberland

Working at Greenside lead mine in 1842 and c. 1850

One of five brothers who moved from Garrigill to Keswick. Living in Harriman's Fields3 in 1841 but also recorded at Greenside Mine. Not yet found in the 1851 census. At Harriman field in 1861

Died 1866.  Buried on the 25th of February 1866 in Keswick, Cumberland aged 56 2


1    Information from Mary Pattinson lists another daughter, Mary, 1837

2    Thomas would actually have been at least 57 years old when he died - this is the age in the register of deaths.

3    Later known as Derwent Street.

4    The 1841 census says 'not born is this county (Cumberland). Information from Mary Pattinson says born in Garrigill, Cumberland.