Family History Notebook

Thomas Swindle

Son of Thomas Swindle and Ann Hodgson baptised 27th November 1853 (at five weeks)

Married Sarah Lattimer (born c.1850) on 30th November 1872 1 at Alston Methodist Church 3
(died 6 Apr 1885 aged 35)6


Annie, born in 1874 1 in Alston, Cumberland, England
Hannah Lizzie, born on the 30th of May 1876 in Alston
John Hodgson, born 1878 1 in Alston
Diana, born in 1880 in Nenthead, Cumberland
Florence Sarah, born on the 3rd of January 1882 in Alston

Married Mary Ann Foster on 19th of April 1886 at Severn Bridge, Ontario
(died 1 April 1922 aged 65)6


Sarah (Sadie) Hannah, born  23 April 1887 in Ontario, Canada
Thomas Foster, born 15 Jun 1889 in Orillia
Mary Ann, born 27 Jul 1891 in Orillia
Oscar Lee, born 1 Mar 1894 in Orillia
Ruby Lilian Marjory, born 1 Nov 1896 in Orillia
Nellie Lyla, born on the 30th of  January 1905 in Orillia, Ontario

Died on the 1st of September 1923, buried in Ardtea, Simcoe County, Ontario

PersonID 01452


In the 1881 census Thomas describes himself and his wife as 'farmers of 150 acres' at Low Galligill (between Nenthead and Alston)

Emigrated in 18822 to Ontario where Sarah died in 5th April 1885 but Thomas was farming in South Orillia, Ontario in 1890. 4

1891a, b  Census (Canada) Thomas is a farmer at Orillia
1901    In Simcoe Orillia - a farmer
1911    Still in farming in Orillia, with his wife and children Thomas, Lee, Ruby and Nelly
1921    Thomas (Junior) is now head of the household, providing a home for his wife, parents and siblings (Sarah, Mary Ann, Lee Oscar, Ruby L, and Nellie)

1 Information from Anne Roberts 5th December 2001

2    Thomas emigrated to Canada aboard the Sarmatian arriving in Halifax on the 25th of April 1882. With him were his wife Sarah and children Anne, Hannah, John K, Diana and Florence. Florence would have been a very small baby.

3    Anne Roberts notes March 2003

4    010669-86 - Thomas SWINDLE, 33, England, North Orillia, Farmer, Widower, s/o Thomas & Ann SWINDLE, married Mary Ann FOSTER, 28, Toronto, Orillia, d/o Silas & Hannah FOSTER, wtn: Robert & Sarah FOSTER of North Orillia, on April 19, 1886, at Severn Bridge

Ontario Marriage Registrations

5    Barbara Chambers née Swindle was living in Orillia in 1881 - a coincidence?

6    Memorial inscriptionThomas Swindle 1853 - 1923