Family History Notebook

Vipond Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Mary Archerbaptised 25th November 1835 at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland

Married Sara Armstrong (1833 - 1865) 1,3 in 1859


??Jacob, born 1858 1 in Garrigill4
Anne, born 1860 1
Mary, born 1863 1

Died 1866


1    Information from Mary Pattinson.

2    Jacob is being looked after by his grandmother at the time of the 1861 census - Anne is only 5 months old. After Vipond and Sarah's death both Jacob and Mary are being brought up by their grandmother in 1871 . Anne is brought up by her uncle John Armstrong at Ashgill.

3    St Catherine's index - Dec quarter of 1859 Alston 10b 479 (Norman Swindle)

4    Mary Pattinson has identified Jacob at the son of Vipond Swindle and Sara Armstrong but the birth is two years before their marriage. Norman Swindle suggests that Jacob might be the illegitimate son of Vipond's sister Mary who died shortly after his birth. This seems persuasive. However Jacob naming his third son after his own father would be a common naming pattern. A birth certificate would settle the issue.