Family History Notebook

Wallace Swindle

Son of Wallis Swindle and Elizabeth Smith,  born 1863 1

Married Elizabeth Ann Brown (born 1870/1) on the 9th of June 1900 at Carrshield, Northumberland 4


Wilfred, born 1899 in Nenthead, Cumberland 3,5
Annie Lizzie Rebecca, baptised on the 24th of January 1903 at Carrshield, Northumberland
George Smith, born on the 1st of April 1907

Previous children of Hannah?5

Hannah, born 1892/93 in Ireshopeburn, County Durham

Died 1919 6

Wallace Swindle at Stotsfieldburn, Rookhope
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Living at The States, Carrshield and working as a wagon driver / carrier for the lead company at the time of the 1901 census
Working as a lead ore smelter in Stanhope, County Durham in 1911


1    In the 1881 census Wallace's age is given as 17 but by the time of his marriage and the 1901 census he has 'lost' five years! His birth is registered in the third quarter of 1863 in the Hexham district. (Norman Swindle)

2    A witness to the wedding was Minnie Swindale - Wilhelmina? - Minnie Pickering? Not found in 1901 census as Minnie (except at Birmingham, born Gloucester, or Bradford, born Hull). Possibly she had married (Pickering?) by then. Probably this is Mary Elizabeth who married Wilfred Pickering (or John Joseph Yeats) in 1903.

3    Wilf chose to be known as Wilf Swindle-Brown

4    Registered in Hexham in the second quarter of 1900

5    Listed as Swindle in the 1901 census. The birth of a Hannah Brown is registered in the Hexham district in the third quarter of 1892, and of a Wilfred Brown in the Alston district in the fourth quarter of 1899. These match with the census entries. Possibly illegitimate children of Hannah Brown

6    The death of Wallace Swindle was registered in the fourth quarter of 1919 in the Weardale district (10a 329)