Family History Notebook

Walter Swindle

Born 1878/79 in Manchester

Nephew of Isaac Swindle, recorded on the 1891 census staying with Isaac in Keswick


1    Isaac had two known brothers, George and John. George had moved across to the North-East by 1864; the last child in his large family was born in 1869 so Walter is unlikely to have been his son. John died in 1867.

Of Isaac's four sisters  Susannah was married to Edward Cardwell in  1857, Mary Ann had Manchester connections but married George Axon in 1860, Sarah married Richard Smithson in 1856; Agnes married a Matthew Barnes at an unknown date.

If the name and relationship in the census are correct, then Walter could be an illegitimate son of Agnes.

2    There is no Walter Swindle born Manchester 1876 - 1880 in the LDS transcription of the 1881 census, nor Walter Axon (nor Walter Dixon), nor Walter Hodgson, nor Walter Smithson, nor Walter Barnes son of Matthew.