Family History Notebook

Wilfred Swindle-Brown

Son of Wallace Swindle and Elizabeth Brown, born on the 3rd of November 1899 in Nenthead, Cumberland 1

Moved to Rookhope about 1906 and then to stockton about 1935. Returned to Rookhope about 1965.2

Married Annie I. Brown1 in 1927

Chose to be known as Wilf Swindle-Brown2


Geoffrey, born 1932

Died 1995


Wilf Swindle and sister, Annie, at High House, Rookhope
(Photo courtesy of Pauline Lonsdale)



1    Information from Pauline Lonsdale (nee Swindle)

2    Article on Rookhope 1987  in The Northern Echo features Wilf.

3    The marriage of Wilfred Swindle and Annie I Brown was registered in the third quarter of 1927 in the Weardale district (10a 597)

The death of Wilfred Swindle-brown, born 3 Nov 1899, was registered in the second quarter of 1995 in the western district of Durham (8a 4423 163)

4    The birth of Geoffrey Swindle was registered in the fourth quarter of 1932 in the Weardale district (10a 380)
The marriage of Geoffrey Swindle-brown and ? Mcbridge was registered in the fourth quarter of 1962 in the South-eastern district of Durham (1a 1367)
G. Swindle-Brown was listed in Hartburn in the 1968 telephone directory

5    The marriage of Norma Swindle-Brown and Dennis E.C. Dowling was registered in the district of Brighton, Sussex in the second quarter of 1976 (18 0198

6    The birth of a Norma Swindells was registered in the western district of Durmam in the third quarter of 1940 (10a 507) Her death was registered in the same quarter (10a 186) in south eastern Durham.