Family History Notebook

William Swindle

Buried on the 11th of December 1877(8? 3) at Carrshields, Northumberland (from Coal Cleugh)

See William Swindle 1873 - 1878


1    Identified from the Carrshield burial register. I now suspct the 1877 date is a transcription error and it shoud be 1878.

2    The birth of a William Swindale was registered in the third quarter of 1873 in the district of Tynemouth FreeBMD 10b 246). This will be the son of Robert and Mary Ann Swindale, born 1873 in Horton, Northumberland.

No other matching birth registration has been found in 1872-1874 (including looking at all Williams registered in the Hrxham district in the second half of 1873.

3    The only deaths of a William Swind* registered in Northumberland in 1877 or 1878 were those of are William Henry Swindale, aged 0, in Newcastle in Sep 1877 and William Swindle, aged 5 in the fourth quarter of 1878 in the district of Hexham. (FreeBMD 10b 201). It seems likely that this latter one is the death corresponding to the burial above and that I have mistranscribed the date.