Family History Notebook

Thomas Usher

Born c1787

Married Jane Simpson on the 28th of January 1819 at St James, Whitehaven, Cumberland


 Ann, baptised on the 2nd of April 1820 at Distington, Cumberland

Died 17th of August 1859 aged 72


Memorial inscription in the old St John's churchyard, Hensingham :-

To the memory


Thomas Usher who departed this life

August the 17th 1859, aged 72 years

Jane the wife of Thomas Usher

who died December 15th 1853 aged 76 years Ann the wife of Isaac Turner and daughter of Thomas and Jane Usher who died June 26th 1846 aged 26 years


Affliction sore long time she bore

Physicians were in vain

Till God did please to give her ease

And free her from her pain