Family History Notebook
Page last updated 11th August 2007


This Family History Site arose from my need to sort out and review the information in my notebooks and the collated family trees which I held in Family Tree Maker. It is best considered as a notebook which has the magic ability to allow unlimited additions (and corrections!) to any page. I am progressively adding to the data as I review my information - in general working across northern England from east to west - and as I obtain fresh information.

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The site is split into two areas - Individuals and Sources

Individual family pages

An individual's family page lists, where possible,

  • parents
  • date and place of birth and/or baptism
  • spouse(s)
  • children
  • date and place of death and/or burial
  • any other information known and graphical information such as photos

For each person mentioned, a hyperlink is provided to the Individual page for that person (if it exists).

For each event or relationship,  a hyperlink is provided to a Source page providing a transcript of the source of the information.

Where a relationship is stated but not reasonably obvious or certain from the source information, a note will discuss the basis for assuming that relationship.

Where individuals ancestry or descent has not been traced they are added to a page listing these loose ends as an aide-memoire for future research.

In general information that would identify living individuals is not published - see privacy policy.

Source pages

A source page is a listing or transcript from a single source (or group of sources) of relevant information. Typical sources are

  • Parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials
  • Census returns
  • Monument inscriptions
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Family trees provided by other individuals

References are provided stating where the source information was obtained.

Individuals mentioned on the source page are hyperlinked to an individual page (where it exists).


Alan Swindale