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Cumberland 1871 Census

#1    Microfilm viewed at Whitehaven Record Office 2003/4 (Note RG10/5197 and 5198 not available for Alston - must consult Carlisle Library for copies)
#2    Microfiche viewed at Carlisle Library
#3    Information from Norman Swindle
#4    Microfiche viewed at Durham Library
#5    Image viewed on

Alston enumeration districts 1-6   No Swind(a)le found

RG10/5178 Alston Enumeration District 7

Ward Mayfoot ? / Wayfoot ? (first house of six)    Folio 40 p2

Thomas Swindale Head Widr 62 Lead Ore Smelter Alston, Cumberland #2
Thomas Swindale Son Unm 17   Lead Ore Smelter    do            do #2
Mary Coats Serv Unm   37 Domestic Servant    do            do #2
Matthew Coats Serv Unm 13   General Servant    do            do #2

Nenthead (9th house)    Folio 44 p9

Thomas Swindale Head Unm 31 Tailor Alston, Cumberland #2
Christopher Ridley Boarder Unm 26     do Allendale, Northumberland #2

Hillersdon Tr (Terrace, Nenthead)  Folio 47 p 15

William Proud Head Mar 51 Lead Ore Smelter Haltwhistle, Northumberland #2
Margaret Proud Wife Mar   62   Allendale, Northumberland #2
Mary Fleming Daur W   28 Domestic Servant Alston, Cumberland #2
Francis Swindale Nephew   12   Lead Ore Washer      do          do #2
Robert Hetherington Lodger   20   Lead Ore Miner      do          do #2

RG10/5179  Alston Enumeration District 8
All that part of the Chapelry of Nenthead in the Parish of Alston that lies north of the road from Nenthead to Garrigill and west of Nent to Hudgill Burn, including Fair View, Ellia, West Nenthead, [           ], [Banks] Villa, Foulards, Grassfields, Claghall Cross, Galligills, Nenthall west of Nent, [Goatburn], and Prydwall.

Clay Hall          Folio 10 p13

Jane Wilkinson Head W 65 Grocer Alston, Cumberland #1
John Swindle Boarder Widr 53 Separator at Smelt Mill Alston, Cumberland #1

Enumeration District 9
All that part of the Chapelry of Garrigill in the Parish of Alston that lies East of the River Tyne from Natress Gill to Garrigil Burn including West Nattrass, High and Low Nest, Cow Gaps, Fewsteads, Low Houses, Middle Houses, Shield Hill and High Shield Hill

Middle Houses    Folio 21 p7

John Swindle Head Mar 32 Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
Margaret  do Wife Mar 21 Miner's Wife Alston, Cumberland #1
John Swindle Head Mar 42 Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
Hannah    do Wife Mar 43 Miner's Wife Alston, Cumberland #1

Low Houses     Folio 21 p 7

Mary Swindle Head W 65 Farmer of 72 acres Alston, Cumberland #1
William  do Son Unm 42   Farmer's son Alston, Cumberland #1
Sarah     do Daur Unm   30 Farmer's Daughter Alston, Cumberland #1
Susannah do Daur Unm   24             do Alston, Cumberland #1
Jacob      do GrandSon   13   Scholar Alston, Cumberland #1
Mary      do GrandDaur     7       do Alston, Cumberland #1

Enumeration District 10
All that part of the Chapelry of Garrigill in the Parish of Alston that lies east of the River Tyne from Garrigill Burn to the head of Tyne including Beldy, Frice Green, Dodberry, Loaning ead, Bridge End, Ashgill, Ashgill Keys Cottage, Priorsdale House, Hole Farm, Tyne Head and Towns Meadow Head.

Force Green   Folio 29 p3

Thomas Stout Head Unm 46 Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
Mary Swindle Aunt Widow 65 House Keeper Alston, Cumberland #1

Ashgill     Folio 34  p13

John Armstrong Head Unm 27 Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
Sarah Smith Servant Unm   27 General Servant Domestic Alston, Cumberland #1
Annie Swindle Niece 10 Scholar Alston, Cumberland #1
Thomas Thomason Head Unm 48 Farmer of 9 acres of land Alston, Cumberland #1
Emerson     do Nephew Unm 18   Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
Joseph        do Nephew Unm 17   Lead Miner Alston, Cumberland #1
John           do Nephew   11   Scholar Alston, Cumberland #1
Ann Swindle Servant Unm 28 General Servant Domestic Alston, Cumberland #1

Keswick   RG10/5234

Heads Lane      Folio 9 page 12

Ann Swindle Head Widow 67 Alston, Cumberland #1
Alfred    do GrSon 17 Pencil Maker Keswick, Cumberland #1

Pear Tree Lane   Folio 11 page 16

George Swindle Head Mar 31 Miner Keswick, Cumberland #1
Margaret    do Wife     36   Coniston, Westmorland #1
Samuel       do Son   9     Keswick, Cumberland #1
James W.    do Son   3     Keswick, Cumberland #1
Christiana    do Daur   1     Keswick, Cumberland #1

[Gatey] Yard   Folio 14 page 21

Jane Swindle Head Wid 60 Washerwoman Keswick, Cumberland #1
George  do Son Unm 31   Miner Keswick, Cumberland #1
Wilson   do GrSon 5 Scholar Keswick, Cumberland #1

Main Street     Folio 17  page 28

Vipond Swindle Head Mar 59 Grocer and overlooker at mines Alston, Cumberland #1
Mary A.      do Wife Mar 49 Keswick, Cumberland #1
George       do Son   20   Grocer - on visit Keswick, Cumberland #1
Norman V.  do Son   13   Scholar Keswick, Cumberland #1
Jane Thompson Serv Unm   33 General Servant Keswick, Cumberland #1

Plosh         Folio  23 page 39

John Swindle Head Mar 34 Lead Miner Keswick, Cumberland #1
Sarah   do Wife Mar   32     #1
Susannah  do Daur 2 #1
Sarah        do Daur 11m #1

End of Keswick St John's

Enumeration District 2

PRO 5234 folio 38 page 21
Lupton's Yard     Folio 38 page 21

Isaac Swindle Head Mar 28 House Painter Keswick, Cumberland #3
Mary        do Wife Mar   26   Keswick, Cumberland #3
Eliza         do Daur 3 Keswick, Cumberland #3
Sarah A?  do Daur 1 Keswick, Cumberland #3


Joseph Usher Head Mar 80 Joiner Borrowdale, Cumberland #5
Mary         do Wife Mar 59 Castle Sowerby, Cumberland #5

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5234 Folio 42 page 30
King's Head Yard, Keswick

Jane Swindle Head W 58 Washerwoman Keswick, Cumberland #3
Robert   do Son Unm 29   Coal miner (out of work) Keswick, Cumberland #3
Peter       do Son Unm 18? Waller Keswick, Cumberland #3
Susannah do Daur 15 Servant (Domestic) Keswick, Cumberland #3

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5235 Folio 17 page 11
Keswick Hotel, Keswick

Mary Swindle Servant Unm 26 Kitchen maid Keswick, Cumberland #3

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5238 Folio 35 page 7
37 Main Street [Mary?]

Richard Pears Head Mar 59 Journeyman Bootmaker Workington, Cumberland #5
Mary         do Wife Mar   46   Cockermouth,        do #5
William     do Son Unm 19   Senior Apprentice           do         ,          do  #5
John Wharton Mews Nurse child   4              do         ,          do  #5
Robert Swindle     1               do         ,          do  #5

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5252 Folio 38 page 10
Baukhouse?, Keswick  {Bankhouse, Kinniside?)

William Hodgson Head Mar 31 Iron Ore Miner Bothel, Cumberland #3
Sarah        do Wife Mr   38   Harrington, Cumberland #3
George Swindle Boarder Unm 26   Iron Ore Miner Keswick, Cumberland #3
John Hunter    do Unm 32        do Keswick, Cumberland #3

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5266 Folio 35 page 6
Cain's Building

Thomas Gregg Head M 53 Miner, Local preacher Lancashire #1
Jane Gregg Wife M   48 Miner's wife Cumberland #1
John   do Son U 23 Slate Miner Lancashire #1
Mary Jane  do Daur U 17 Dress maker    do #1
Tom     do Son 13 Iron miner    do #1
Sarah   do Daur 10 Scholar    do #1
Martha Ann do Daur 7 Scholar    do #1

PRO Ref RG10 Piece 5268 Folio 26 page 44

Cross Farm, Millom

Thomas Hutchinson Head 31 Time Keeper Mines Arkengarthdale, Yorkshire #1
Annie Hutchinson Wife     30   do      do     Wife Carrshield, Northumberland #1
Mary Elizabeth  do Daur 4   do      do     Daughter Darlington, Durham #1
John Joseph       do Son 2   do      do     Son     do #1
William Hutchinson Son 1   do      do      do Millom, Cumberland #1
Thomas Hy Swindale B in Law 15 Grocer's Assistant Castleside, Durham #1