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Parish of Garrigill, Cumberland

"Garrigill Chapel is of great antiquity. It was probably founded about the same period as Alston Church. It is dedicated to St. John. The old church was a very poor building, and in a dilapidated condition, when it was pulled down and rebuilt in a very plain style, in or about 1790. The Vicar of Alston is the patron. For many years, perhaps for centuries, there was only divine service on every third Sunday morning. The church bell was cast about or a little after 1765. The parsonage house was erected by subscription in 1851, at a cost of between four and five hundred pounds. The chief contributors being the Rev. H. Salvin, Captain Salvin, the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital, and the London Lead Company. The following is a list of the Curates who have resided in the chapelry :­John Hind,            ; James Steel,    ; Blythe Hurst, George Monkhouse, 1851; James Welsh,-; William Muskett, who left in 1876. After this date no resident Curate was appointed, until 1888, when the chapelry was endowed, and the Rev. Percy Thomas Lee appointed. During the interim, the services were performed by a clergyman, sent as in former times, by the Vicar of Alston." (Alston Moor - Its pastoral people, its mines and miners : William Wallace 1890)

A Notice in Garrigill Church 2002:-


Garrigill is a corruption of the Saxon for "Gerard's Ghyll", but records only begin with the Norman period.

The Manor of Alston and other lands were given to William de Veteri Ponte by William the Lion, King of Scotland, and this grant was confirmed by King John on May 10th., 1809. In 1215 Ivo de Veteri Ponte gofted the advowson of the Church of "Aldenston and the Chapel at Gerardegile" to the Canons at Hexham Abbey who held it, with some interruptions, until the Dissolution in 1538. The advowson eventually passed to the Earls of Derwentwat who were Jacobites and were dispossessed after the Rebellion of 1715. In 1735 the patronage together with local lands was granted to Greenwich Hospital which held them until 1952 when the properties were sold and the patronage passed to the Bishop of Cartlisle.

Garrigill was evangelised, it is said, by St. Augustine of Canterbury who came to this country in 597 and died in 605. The legend is that the highest peak in the Pennines was known as "Fiends Fell" because of the evil spirits who lived there, and that the saint climbed the mountain, said Mass to drive the little devils away, erected a cross, and re-named it Cross Fell. However this area is remote, and is just as likely to have been visited by the missionaries of St. Ninian of Galloway in the fifth century or those of St. Aidan of Lindisfarne in the seventh.

Lead Mining was carried on around Garrigill from very early times, and the dues and taxes were paid to Carlisle - it was a safer journey than over the fells to Durham. Thus Garrigill came to be in the County of Cumberland. Ecclesiatically it is in the Diocese of Newcastle, formerly part of Durham.

Garrigill Chapelry has always been in the Parish of Alston but the inhabitants have maintained a vigorous independence. In the fourteenth century they complained of neglect by the Curate of Alston and asked for their own resident priest. There were resident curates here from at least 1350 to 1953. In 1887 the ARchdeacon recommended that Garrigill be made an independent Parish. In 1934 the Parishoners asked the Legal Board of the Church Assembly to allow them their own Church Council, but nothing came of it. Today the Chapelry is part of the same Cure with Alston, Nenthead, Kirkhaugh and Knarsdale which all share the same priest.

Nevertheless, the Chapelry always had its own Churchwardens and Vestry. The list of Churchwardens goes back to 1732, and of course there were many others before that. The Churchwardens were elected by turn from farms on either bank of the River Tyne, until the practice was discontinued in 1886. Until 1894 they had civil as well as sacred duties, being responsible for the upkeep of roads, the appointment of the Village Constable, the extermination of vermin, the school, and the relief of the poor and "in particular, soldiers passing through the village". Among their privileges was an annual dinner at the expense of the patron.

The present church dates from the eighteenth century but has been much restored. The original building was four-square, crowded with pews, and had plain sash-windows. A gallery was erected in 1752 and removed in 1890. In that year began the extensive alterations. The chancel arch was built to separate the choir, The East and South windows were installed, and the vestry was added on the North side. It had been intended to extend the Church to the West, but funds were insufficient and so the West window was installed and the porch added. The organ was bought in 1894, the lectern given in 1900. From this period too date the altar brasses, the sanctuary lamp, and the oak gates to the Churchyard. The restorations were completed by the gift of the North window in 1904. It depicts the Crucifixion and is in memory of George Monkhouse, Curate in Charge from 1851 to 1876.

The Reredos is a memorial to the Fallen in the Great War, 1914 - 1918. Notice the name "Vipond" among those listed. This is a corruption of "Veteri de Ponte" the original holders of the Manor, and the family of that name claimed direct descent. The family was widespread in the district until the eighteenth century, but has now disappeared. Vipond survives as a Christian name in the area."

Original registers 1730 - 1959 deposited at Northumberland Record Office
IGI Baptisms 1708 - 1829? Marriages 1699 - 1880

#0    "Garrigill St John's Church - Chapel of Ease to St Augustine's, Alston
        The Register (Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths) from 1699 - 1730
        Edited by Cęsar Cain, Curate in Charge
        1901        Haltwhistle
        Printed by R M Saint, Albion Printing Works"    Viewed at Carlisle record office. No entries found for Swind(a)le. (Republished on CD by Original Indexes) (Baptisms 1708-1729, Marriages & Deaths 1699-1729, Non-conformist births 1708 - 1728)

#1    Information extracted from The Register of St John's Church, Garrigill, in the County of Cumberland and the Diocese of Newcastle on Tyne, Vols I-VI Transcribed by Edwin Dodds and JW Robinson 1908 (held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central Library). (1730-1812)

#2    Transcription of marriages 1730-1837 produced from indexes prepared by Bill Rounce (1730-1812) and Carol Yellowley (1813-1837) and entered onto computer by George Bell with the assistance of Sandra (Hope) Bell

#3    Transcription of Baptisms 1813 -1837 prepared by Sue Wood
#4    IGI Online
#5    Microfilm of Parish Registers viewed at Carlisle Record Office. All marriages reviewed 1837 - 1958.
#6    Transcribed by Norman Swindle. NB positively two baptismal entries on 28th October 1813 for children born to George and Susannah Swindle - entry 35 Jacob, entry 36 Vipond.


1704 Aug 13 Ann, daughter of Nicholas Vipond of Cragg Shield was born August 13th 1704 (Non-conformists) #0
[1706 Apr 28 Thomas, s.o. Nicholas Vipond [BIRTH] #4
Thomas, son of Nicholas Vipond of Cragg was born 28th of April 1706 (Non-conformist) #0
1708 Mar 1708 Thomas, s.o. Nicholas Vipond #4
1709 Sep 26 Thomas, s.o. Nicholas Vipond #4
1716 Jul 31 Thomas, s.o. Thomas Vipond #4
1719 Nov 30 Thomas, s.o. Jacob Vipond #4
1720 Nov 21 Thomas, s.o. Thomas Vipond #4
1728 Jul 13 John the son of Thomas Vipond of Cragg Sheall was born the 13th of July 1728 (Non-conformists) #0
1779 Nov 22 Sarah, d. o. Nicholas and Jane Lee of Middlehouses #4, #5
1805 Dec 29 Mary, d.o. John Stout and Tamar Cowper (born 1805 Jul 12)
born July 12, 5th daughter of John Stout of Loninghead, miner, Allendale and Tamar, daughter of John Cowper
1807 Jul 26 Jane 1 dau Peter Swindle Hilltop miner n Allendale by hw Sarah d Nicholas Lee
born July 14
1810 May 6 Thomas 2 son Peter Swindle Hilltop miner n Whitfield bhw Sarah d Nicholas Lee
born 1810 Feb 26
1811 Sep 22 Christopher son George and Susannah Swindle Garrigill miner
born 1810 May 7
1811 Sep 22 Thomas 1 son George and Susannah Swindle Garrigill miner
born  1809 Apr 3
1813 Oct 28 Jacob child of George & Susannah Swindle
son of George and Susannah Swindle of Gatefoot, miner
1813 Oct 28 Vipond child of George & Susannah Swindle
son of George and Susannah Swindle of Gatefoot, miner
1818 Dec 17 Peter child of George & Susannah Swindle
sons of George & Susannah Swindle of Gatefoot, yeoman
1819 May 24 Isaac child of George & Susannah Swindle
son of George and Susannah Swindle of Gatefoot, miner
1827 Nov 25 George child of John and Mary Swindle
son of John and Mary Swindle of Garrigill Gate, miner
1835 Nov 25 Vipond
child of George and Mary Swindle
son of George and Mary Swindle of Middlehouses, miner
1835 Nov 25 Mary daughter of George and Mary Swindle of Middlehouses, miner #5

No further Swind(a)le baptisms to 1959


1727 May 26 Thomas Vipond / Elizabeth Vipond
Thomas Vipond and Elizabeth Vipond both of the Chapelry of Garragill were married the 26th of May, 1727


1769 May 25 Nicholas Lee / Jane Row
Nicholas Lee and Jane Row both of this Parish were married in this Church this 25th Day of May 1769 by me Thos Lancaster Vicar
This marriage was solemnized between us Nicholas Lee (signature) Jane Row her | mark now Jane Lee her | mark in the presence of John Row, Isaac Vipond
1882 Oct 19 Lewis Joshua Herdman 24 bachelor, miner of Garrigill, father Thomas Herdman, miner
Mary Swindle 19 spinster, of Garrigill, father Vipond Swindle, miner
(Both sign) Witnesses Jacob Swindle and Frances Richardson both of Nenthead

No entries found for Swind(ale) in references 1 or 2


1818 Dec 17 Susannah Swindle of Gate Foot Aged 4 #5
1819 May 24 Robert Swindle of Gate Foot Aged 3 #5
1820 Feb 29 Peter Swindal of Nattrass Aged 46 #5
1820 Aug 12 Isaac Swindle of Garrigill Gate Aged 1 #5
1821 Dec 24 Susannah Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 42 #5
1828 June 3 George Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 55 #5
1843 Nov 2 Matthew Swindle of Nenthead Aged 4m #5
1844 Jan 7 Susanna Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 12 #5
1844 May 1 Peter Swindle of Hillerstone Terrace, Nenthead Aged 1 #5
1844 Sep 29 Jane Swindle of Nenthead Aged 23 #5
1845 Mar 6 Susannah Swindle of Hillerstone Terrace, Nenthead Infant #5
1850 Apr 29 Jacob Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 5 #5
1853 Apr 21 George Swindle of Middle House
"This person laid violent hands upon himself"
Aged 49 #5
1857 Sep 2 Thomas Archer Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 14 #5
1857 Dec 7 Mary Swindle of Middlehouses Aged 22 #5
1865 Sep 8 Sarah Swindle of Garrigill Gate Aged 32 #5
1874 Aug 9 William Swindle of Low Houses Aged 46 #5
1878 May 22 Mary Swindle of Low Houses, Garrigill Aged 72 #5
1887 Feb 16 Mary Swindle of Beldy, Garrigill Aged 81 #5
1889 Jun 24 Elliot Thomason Swindle of Ashgill Aged 11 #5
1890 Jul 8 Jacob Swindle of Tynehead Aged 32 #5
1911 Nov 27 Ann Swindle of Garrigill Aged 71 #5

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Roll of Honour

European War 1914 - 1918

The names of men who have served with his Majesty's Forces

Armstrong, George Ernest Border Regiment  
Bewley, Arthur A.V. Corps  
Bewley, William Tyneside Scottish  
Bramwell, Joseph R.F.A.  
Bell, Bertie R.F.A.  
Bell, Martin Border Regiment  
Bell, Fred R.G.A  
Bell, William    
Cousin, Fred A.S. Corps  
Cousin, Joseph L. Corps  
Currah, Thomas William Royal Marines  
Currah, Robert Walton R.G.A.  
Cowca, John Northn Fusiliers  
Henderson, Thomas E. Lancashire Regiment  
Herdman, John Yorks. Regiment  
Herdman, Francis Lewis M.G. Corps  
Herdman, Robert Walter Border Regiment  
Jackson, Hugh William   DIED OF WOUNDS
Kearton, Vipond Border Regiment  
Jardine, John H.L. Infy.  
Leatherby, John R.G.A.  
Millican, Frank Norman Lancashire KILLED IN ACTION
Millican, Hugh Jackson Border Regiment  
Millican, Frederick A.S. Corps  
Nixon, Joe Border Regiment  
Parmley, Amos Robinson R. Engineers  
Parmley, John Border Regiment  
Plank, George Northn Fusiliers  
Richardson, Harold M.G. Corps  
Richardson, Isaac Border Regiment  
Shield, John Joseph Border Regiment  
Shield, Walton Border Regiment KILLED IN ACTION
Storey, Joseph John Border Regiment  
Smith, Robert R.A.M.C.  
Swindle, Isaac Royal Air Force  
Robson, John Border Regiment KILLED IN ACTION
Robson, Richard Border Regiment  
Robson, Robert Border Regiment  
Renwick, William Manchester Regt.  
Varty, John R.A.M.C.  
Varty, Walton R.G.A.  
Watson, Cyril Lancaster    
Wattson, Samuel R.G.A.  
Wymees, Ernest Border Regiment  
Walker, Philip R. Engineers  
Young, Walter D.L. Infy.