Family History Notebook

The Will of Sophia Levy Lewis 1861, proved 1861

This is the last Will and Testament of me Sophia Levy Lewis of 20 Woburn Place Russell Square in the County of Middlesex Widow

I direct all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expences to be paid as soon after my decease as conveniently can be

In the event of any debts or sum of money being due to me by my brother Lewis Lewis of Jamaica at the time of my decease I do hereby forgive him payment thereof it being my will and intention that my estate shall have no claim on him or his estate under any circumstances whatsoever

I give devise and bequeath to my brother George Coleman Hamilton Lewis for his own use and benefit absolutely for ever the following articles in silver that is to say twelve large forks six smal forks six dessert knives six desert forks six table spoons six desert spoons twelve large teaspoons one soup ladle two sauce ladles one cheese scoup one marrow spoon four large candlesticks silver snuffers and tray two salt cellars two salt spoons two sauce turrens set of cruets bread basket one twelve inch waiter

I also give devise and bequeath to my said brother all my furniture linen china and other household effects not specifically bequeathed for the term of his natural life and it is my will and mind that he shall not be in any manner liable for any loss or depreciation in value thereof

I give devise and bequeath to each of the persons hereinafter named the several and respective articles set against their respective names for their respective absolute use and benefit for ever that is to say
To my daughter in Law Eliza Lewis the picture of my son usually worn by me also a gold bracelet set with enamelled centre and diamond and four rubies and a ring set with a small diamond and four emeralds
To my son my emerald ring and an unset diamond formerly his fathers
To my sister in law Harriet Lewis a gold ring set with diamond and rubies and my Panama Bracelet and snap
To Esther wife of [Mr] Maurice Davis my Cinnamon or Garnet bracelet
To Isabella wife of John Lawrence my pearl necklace earings brooch head ornament and [ocarnet] necklace pendant and earrings
To [H.rnie] Benson Lawrence a gold cable necklace with a pendant heart with the word regard on it
To Josephine Lawrence my enamelled watch set with pearls
To my niece Fanny Lindo my Turquoise earrings necklace and bracelet and the watch and chain I normally wear
To Harriet Lemon wife of Henry Lemon a brooch set with rubies emeralds and diamonds forming a bunch of flowers and a ring with a miniature head
To Catherine McIntyre wife of [Altamont] Ia Eorsova large gold brooch set with carbuncles forming bunches of grapes
To Louisa Coleman Hamilton Lawrence my writing desk
To Georgiana Lawrence my rosewood work box inlaid with brass
To Fanny Lewis a basket shaped brooch and pair or earrings to match and a pair of amathyst earrings and Maltese Cross
to Emmeline Lewis a gold neckchain with heart and dove suspended with emerald and diamonds and my coral negligee and bracelets
To my sister Kate Keogh the hair bracelet partly composed of the hair of our lamented mother
To my brother James Lewis a pair of silver asparagus tongs
To my brother Louis my silver egg stand and to his wife a diamond ring (Flora Lewis
To my friend Adelaide the wife of Aaron Salamons my Ivory work box

I direct that my pianoforte now at my nieces Mrs Maurice Davis may be sold and I devise and bequeath the [thar] proceeds thereof to be equally divided amongst the three following persons to them to expend the same in a ring each in memory of me [..] namely George Henry Lewis Frederick Hyman Lewis and Lewis Lucas Lewis

I do hereby authorise and empower my Executors to deliver over any of the said several bequests or any part thereof to any of te said Legatees in their discretion notwithstanding they may be under the age of twenty one years

I give and devise all the rest and residue of my jewellery and trinkets equally between my daughter in law and several nieces (not being grand-nieces / but I direct that the divisuion thereof shall be in the sole and uncontrolled discretion of of my Executors

I give and bequeath all the rest and residue and remainderof my estate and effects including the property bequeathed to my brother for his life but subject to such life estate and to the depreciation in the value thereof by use and wear and otherwise as well real as personal in possess reversion remainder and expectancy to my dear son Charles Vallancy Lewis of S[.........] Steet Brunswick Square Gentleman for his own absolute use andbenefit for ever

I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my nephews George Henry Lewis and Frederick Hyman Lewis Executors of this my will

I do hereby revoke and make void all former and other Wills and Testamentary dispositions by me at any time heretofore made and I declare this to be my last and only Will dated this [blank?] day f April 1861 S.L. Lewis

Signed and published by the said testatrix in the presence of us in her presence and in the presence of each other all being present at the same time and subscribed by us as witnesses in her presence and at her request
Samuel L. Nathan 29 Thavies Inn Holborn    C. Thomas 97 Tachbrook Street Pimlico

In Her Majestys Court of Probate        The Principal Registry
In the Goods of Sophia Levy Lewis deceased

I Charles Thomas of 97 Tachbrook Street Pimlico in the County of Middlesex Carver and Gilder make oath and say that I am one of the subscribing witnesses to the last Will and Testament of the said Sophia Levy Lewis late of Number twenty Woburn Place Russell Square in the County of Middlesex Widow deceased the said will being now hereunto annexed beariung date the          day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty one and that the saod Testatrix executed the said Will on the 30th day of April in the year aforesaid by signing her name at the foot or end thereof  as the same now appears thereon in the presence of me and of Samuel Lewis Nathan the other subscribing witness thereto both of us being present at the same time and we thereupon attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said Testatrix And I further make oath and say that before the said Will was so signed and attested as aforesaid the word "Louis" in the fifth line from the end of the second side of the said will was inserted by the said testatrix in her own handwriting - C. Thomas -
Sworn at No * Ely Place Holborn in the County of Middlesex on the 17th day of July 1861 Before me - Henry Edwards a London Commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery.

PROVED at London 22nd July 1861 by the Oaths of George Henry Lewis and Frederick Hyman Lewis the nephews the Executors to whom Admon was granted.


On the 22nd day of July 1861 the Will of Sophia Levy Lewis late of No. 20 Woburn Place Russell Square in the County of Middlesex Widow deceased who died on the 17th day of June 1861, at No 20 Woburn Place aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate, by the Oaths of George Henry Lewis of No 53 Euston Square in the county of Middlesex Attorney at Law and Frederick Hyman Lewis of the same place Barrister at Law the Nephews the Executors therein named they having been first sworn duly to administer

Effects under 1500


1    Relationships to Sophia Levy Lewis mentioned in the will

Brothers Lewis (Louis) Lewis of Jamaica, wife Flora
  George Coleman Hamilton Lewis
  James Lewis
Sister Kate Keogh
Son Charles Vallancy Lewis
Daughter in Law Eliza Lewis
Niece Fanny Lindo (? daughter of Lewis)
  Esther, wife of Maurice Davis
Nephews George Henry Lewis
  Frederick Hyman Lewis

2    Other names mentioned

Isabella, wife of John Lawrence (Niece, daughter of Louis Lewis)
H[...] Benson Lawrence (Granddaughter)
Josephine Lawrence (Granddaughter)
Georgiana Lawrence (Granddaughter)
Louisa (Louis?) Coleman Hamilton Lawrence (Grandson)
Harriett Lemon, wife of Henry Lemon (Niece, daughter of James)
Catherine McIntyre wife of [Altamont] da Cordova (?Niece, daughter of Lewis)
Fanny Lewis (Niece, daughter of James)
Emmeline Lewis (Niece, daughter of James)
Adelaide the wife of Aaron Salamons Friend

3    The will identifies Charles as Sophia's son but only mentions 'Isabella, wife of John Lawrence'. However bequests are also made to Isabella's three daughters - who are only young children at this time - and also 'Louisa' Coleman Hamilton Lawrence who is surely the boy 'Louis'. It seems almost certain that Isabella is Sophia's daughter and the Lawrence children are Sophia's grandchildren.