Isaac Fletcher of Underwood, Cumberland  1714 - 1781

"Yeoman, Quaker, Merchant and Lawyer"

Grandson of Lancelot Fletcher of Mockerkin (d. 1682) - a shoemaker -  and son of Japheth Fletcher (1671-1735) and Margaret Allason, born at Underwood on 20th February 1713/4.

Married Susannah Harris on 14 July 1743.


Jane, died 1751 aged 7
John, died 1758 aged 11
Isaac (1755-1781)
John (1758-1830)
William, born 1760

Isaac Fletcher died at Underwood on 26th November 1781 at the age of 67 and was buried in the Quaker burial ground at Pardshaw Hall. His wife Susannah continued to live at Underwood until her death on 12th August 1783, a few weeks before her 65th birthday. They were survived by two sons, John (1758 - 1830) and William (b. 1760). The former settled at Greysouthen and was the progenitor of the Fletchers of Tarnbank. His son, John Wilson Fletcher (1788 - 1857) was a prominent colliery owner, and two of his grandsons were members of Parliament. By the later 19th century Isaac Fletcher's descendants had achieved the gentility and affluence which eluded him during his lifetime.

John Wilson Fletcher

His three sons were all prominent in the public life of West Cumberland: Isaac Fletcher (1827-1879) and William Fletcher (1831-1900) both served as MP for Cockermouth; and Henry Allason Fletcher (1834-1884) of Croft Hill, Moresby, was managing director of Lowca Ironworks.*

*Notes by Angus J.L. Winchester in his edition of "The Diary of Isaac Fletcher of Underwood, Cumberland 1756-1781" published by The Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archeological Society, 1994 ISBN 1873124201 - Highly recommended.