Family History Notebook

Sir Hugh de Eure

Son of  John fitz Robert and Ada Baliol, (born in 1233 in Warkworth, Northumberland c)

Married Ellen?, illegitimate? daughter of Roger Bertram III of Mitford a,c in 1267


John,  born 24th of September 1277

?married Constance 8

Died before 1304 3 (possibly 1295? b,c)

Younger son of John fitz Robert of Warkworth, succeeding his brother Robert in 1271. Received property in North Yorkshire, possibly following the death of an older brother Robert, through his mother7, and Mitford through his wife. Mitford became Hugh's main home.


1   " The name Eure comes from the manor of Iver, Bucks which manor had been granted to his grandfather Robert FitzRoger" b

2    IVER: Evreham (xi cent.); Eure, Evere (xii–xvi cent.).
The manor then passed into the hands of the Claverings, being granted in 1199–1200 to Robert son of Roger, the first of this family to hold it.  On his death c. 1216 it descended to his son John,  who in 1230 leased the manor for five years.  It was held by his widow Ada in 1241.  Their son Roger died in 1249, leaving a son Robert,  who held the manor  until his death in 1310, when he was succeeded by his son John, who took the surname of Clavering after the family's chief seat in Essex.  John Clavering had no direct male heir, and so in 1311 settled Iver on himself and his wife Hawise for life with reversion to the king.  John Clavering lived until about 1332, and his wife Hawise survived him. 
Victoria County History 'Parishes: Iver', A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 3 (1925), pp. 286-294. URL:

3    1281 AD ("Kirkby's Inquest")
John de Balliol holds 4 fees of the lord the king in capite in Stokesley, Battersby,
Ingleby near Greenhow, Little Broughton, Dromonby, Kirby, Great Busby,
Little Busby, Scutterskelf, Thoraldby and Newby. And Robert son of Roger holds
them of the said John, and Hugh de Eure holds the same fees of the said Robert.
Here 14 carucates of land make a fee. And the same Hugh pays to the bailiff of the
lord the king for fine 15 shillings. b

" Robertus filius Rogeri " is Robert son of Roger de Eure, who was the eldest
son of John Fitz Robert and Ada de Balliol, aunt of the above-mentioned John de
Balliol, the competitor for the throne of Scotland. b

i.e. Hugh holds the land from his nephew Robert, who holds the land from his father's cousin John de Balliol

3    The Crown sold Kirkley and Newton Underwood (Northumberland)  to Sir Hugh de Eure in 1267. Mitford was acquired by Hugh's son John.

4    Family tree from reference d

5    Hugh de Eure - from cached
Death: bef 10 Aug 1304[17],[8]

of Kirkby, Stokesley and Ingoldsby, co. Yorks. and Crekedale and
Neweton, Northumberland

' Hugh de Euere ' named in order of distraint in re: debts of
his mother Ada de Baliol (also his brother in law Patrick, earl
of Dunbar ):
' #1969. Michaelmas Term 1254.
Northumberland:----The king commands the sheriff to distrain
Patric earl of Dunbar (Dumbinar), Alan de Harekare, Alexander
de Litelinton; Patric son of Patric, and Isabella his sister,
executors of the testament of the aforesaid Patric, and to have
their bodies & c. on the morrow of St. Hilary to answer to the
king together with the executors of Ada de Baylloll, for their
debts to said Ada, in part payment &c. Similar command to the
Sheriff of York for Hugh de Euere, Ingeram de Bouinton and
William de Waldo. And to the Sheriff of Canterbury for Alan
the Reeve and William the Reeve. [Memoranda Q.R. 39 Henry III,
m. 8 dorso].'[18]

record dated at Westminster, ca. 31 Oct 1279:
' 166. Walter de Huntercumbe and Hugh de Euere have become
mainpernors for John de Balliol, to satisfy the K. for his
trespass, if any, in doing homage to the Bishop of Durham
for Bernard's Castle; if it is found the homage belongs to
the K. Westminster. ' [Bain II:50[7], no. 166, cites
Close 7 Edw. I. m. 3, dorso, cedula.]

he probably d. before 10 Aug 1304, when his son ' Johannes de
Euer ', granted a charter to Basedale priory [Mon. Angl.
V:508, Num. IV[17] - see fuller details below]

cf. VCH North Riding, I:253[11]
Ord p. 395[8]

Children: Sir John
Sir Robert, m. Isabella de Merlay (-<1271)

p09                                                                    ; but we continue
           our history with Sir Hugh de Eure, Knight, the
           second son, seated at Eure in Buckinghamshire, temp.
           Henry III.   Roger Bertram, Baron of Mitford, one
           of whose daughters he married gave him the Manor of
           Crekelaw in Northumberland, 51st Henry III. (1266)
           and Edward I. confirmed to him Stokesley and Ingleby
           in his nineteenth year (1290). He claimed the right of
           fair market, and gallows (furcam) at Stokesley, and he

p10   Sir Hugh was succeeded by Sir John de Eure of 
           Stokesley, Ingleby, etc., knighted before 1307.   He
           obtained a grant of free warren for his Manor of
           Easby, 35th Edward I. (1306) and was Sheriff of York-
           shire 1309.  He took part in the Scottish Expedition,
           8th Edward II. (1315). Was a Commissioner to treat
           for peace 10th Edward., and was again in the Scotch
           wars two years later. He married Agnes, daughter of
           Sir John de Insula, Knight, and he died 20th Ed. II.
           (1327). We may give Sir John the credit of marrying
           week of Lent, 1367-8. His eldest son Robert left no
           family, and Sir John de Eure, the second son, suc-
            This sturdy knight married 35th Edward. (1361),
           Isabella, daughter of Robert Lord Clifford. The star of
           Eure was still in the ascendant, and he ranked amongst
           the captains and warriors of that splendid period of our
           history. He died holding the important offices of Con-
           stable of Dover Castle, and Lord Steward of the King's
           household February 3 1393 (16th Richard II).

 p11     Sir John was succeeded by his son Sir Ralph Eure, (p11)
           Knight, also a man of distinction, Sheriff of Northumber-
           land in the 12 and 13th Richard II. (1388 and 1389),
           and governor of the Castle of Newcastle-on-Tyne. ....

The direct pedigree of the barons Eure of Witton - John Hubbersty Mathews 1880 - pages 9, 10, 11

7    Robert and Hugh, younger sons of Ada, who took the name of Eure, were enfeoffed by their mother in Stokesley in the summer of 1250. (fn. 45) They entered into full seisin: 'each of them appointed a new steward and reeves for keeping his share, and deposing the said lady's steward and reeves, held courts . . . and received amercements from many persons.' (fn. 46) Some months later, however, they granted the manor to their mother for life, (fn. 47) and she was in possession at her death in 1251 (fn. 48) as farmer of Robert and Hugh. Robert de Eure predeceased his brother by many years, and his share of Stokesley was inherited by Hugh. (fn. 49) Eure. Quarterly or and gules a bend sable with three scallops argent thereon. In 1296 Hugh was dead and dower was assigned to his widow Ellen. (fn. 50) His lands were in the custody of John de Lisle, (fn. 51) who in 1301 settled the manor on John de Eure, Hugh's son and heir, and his wife Agnes. (fn. 52) John was killed at Auckland before 1322 'by certain malefactors' (fn. 53) and Agnes remained in possession. (fn. 54) Their son and heir was another John, (fn. 55) who in 1364 granted all his lands in Yorkshire to his son Robert. (fn. 56) Robert was dead in 1369, his heir being his brother Ralph. (fn. 57) Ralph had a son William, who was Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1445, (fn. 58) and from this date the family is represented by a regular succession of Ralphs and Williams.

fn51    Cal. Close, 1288–96, p. 480.
fn52    Feet of F. Yorks. 29 Edw. I, no. 20; Pipe R. 26 Edw. I, m. 23. (Victoria County History - North Riding of Yorkshire)

8    An inquisition in 1366/7 at York refers to Richard Barry and Constance his wife, late the wife of Hugh de Eure, as being in possession of 'Mar, Bentelay, Arkesey,Athewyk, Bugthorpe and elsewhere. Tenements worth 20l. yearly' since the adherence of Stephen de Eure to (the Mitford Gang) and the King of Scots


a    Source: Foster in his additional pedigrees in his Yorks visitation of 1584-5 and 1612 via #b



d    "The Register Booke of Ingleby iuxta Grenhow" (JOHN BLACKBURNE, Cross & Jackman, "The Canterbury Press," 6, High Street. 1889. )