Family History Notebook

Sir Robert Eure

Son of  Sir John de Eure and Margaret de Grey, born very approximately 1341

??Married Isabel, daughter and co-heir of  Roger de Merley, widow of Marmaduke de Thweng. ,8c


None known.

Died before 1370 1, succeeded by his brother Ralph.



1    The Inquisition post mortem on Sir Robert Eure was held 1369/70 (24th year of Bishop Hatfield) a

2    A Boynton family tree has
Sir Ingram Boynton

  1. Sir William Boynton (7), of Sadbury, or Sadberg and Joan, daughter of Jno. Wadesley, Esq.
  2. Anne and Sir John de la Rips, hodie D'ealtry.
  3. Eliz. and Robert Eure, Esq. high sheriff of Yorkshire, 15 Richard II, A.D. 1392 and 1398--Drake's Ebor. p. 352.

However Sir Ralph de Eure was Sheriff of York at around these dates, and he was not married to an Elizabeth. The source is given as "Drake's Ebor. p 352" but there is nothing apparently relevant on this page.

3    Indenture witnessing that Robert de Eure grants to Isabella, who
was the wife of Thomas Sturmy of Dromonby, two parts of his dove-
cot of * Dromondby ' and the right of marriage of John son and heir
of the said Thomas Sturmy.
Dated at Ingleby the Thursday next before the feast of St.
Thomas, 1365. Ch. 167. c

However Robert's father John de Eure is not believed to have died until 1365/6. Has John given Ingleby to his son Robert before his death, or is John's date of death in error? John demised all his lands in fee to Robert his son on Sunday after Corpus Christi 38 Edward III

4    If John de Eure died c1365 then Robert must have died shortly after his father. War, disease? More likely the latter since death in war is usually recorded.

5    DDPR/34/2 (University of Hull Archives) 21 October 1382
Gift, John de Edlington of Moselay to Robert de Eure (3 expanged) Robert de Hatfeld of Ouston, Thomas de Edlington alias Neumarche (vel also nomine Neumarche’) and Robert Ode of Moselay’.  - Almost certainly another Robert de Eure - this reference is from a Midlands context

6    Dated November 8, 1367. Grant and confirmation by Robert of Eure son of John of Eure, knight to John of Kingston dean of ... Dated November 8, 1367. Power of attorney under seal from Robert of Eure to Thomas of Scone and John of ..

7    Note that there is a Robert de Eure, born c1305, who is probably this Robert's uncle, alive in 1366 and father to Alice.

8    A writ in a dispute between Robert de Eure, who married Isabell de Merlay, and his brother-in-law William de Greystock was issued on the 4th of March 1270/71 - so Isabell de Merlay is not this Robert's wife! (Nor the Robert in #7 above.


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