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of the Division of the MOORS
and COMMONS of the Townships
of Hamsterley, South Bedburn, Lynsack and
Softley within the Chapelry of Hamsterley, Manor
of Wolsingham and County
of Durham - Taken for
Richard Lord Bishop of Durham by
his Lordships most obedient servant
R Richardson 1753

Copy of the Original Plan in the Copyhold Office Durham
Wm Jno Goodwin 7 Feb 1884


(Durham Bishopric Halmote Court records
box 3DHC6/iI/8 -
Durham University Library: Special Collections and Archives)

Some tracings from the plan:-

Tracing sheet 1 (Mayland to Brown Law, Euden Lees)
Tracing sheet 2 (Sharnberry Rake to Ape Shield partial)
Tracing sheet 3 (Bedburn, Ape Shield, Hoppland, Shull)
Tracing sheet 4 (Howl Eel to Black Bank)