Local History Notebook

Calendar of charters and rolls preserved in the Bodleian library
 Edited by William H. Turner (Published at the Clarendon Press 1878)

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"The present volume is the result of an attempt, now made for the first time, to describe a large accumulation of documents, preserved in the Bodleian Library. These formerly constituted the collections of Anthony h Wood, Roger Dodsworth, Ralph Thoresby, Thomas Martin of Palgrave, Thomas Tanner bishop of St. Asaph, Dr. Richard Rawlinson, Richard Furney archdeacon of Surrey, and Richard Gough.

The several collections have, for the purpose of description, been thrown together ; and the parishes, which are illustrated by the various documents, have been arranged alphabetically under their counties. This plan has been adopted as being the most convenient for reference. The description will be found, it is hoped, as complete and concise as the nature and extent of the materials will allow. "


Bedfordshire i, 644, 671
Berkshire .......... 2, 644
    Priory of Wallingford ........ 4
Buckinghamshire 23, 645, 671
    Abbey of Nottley 27
    Priory of Ravenston ....... 28
    Priory of Tickford 32
Cambridgeshire 34, 645, 672
Cheshire 45
Cornwall .......... 46
Cumberland .....,,.. 46, 672
Derbyshire 47, 670, 673
Devonshire . . . . . . . . .48, 673
Dorsetshire . 49, 673
Durham 50, 646
Essex 50, 646, 673
    Priory of St. Lawrence, Blackmore . . . . 61
    Abbey of Colchester 62
    Priory of SS. Peter and Paul, of Horkesley . . . 69
    Priory of St. Mary Magdalen, Stanesgate . . . 75
    Priory of St. Mary and St. Leonard at Thoby . . 77
    Priory of St. Mary and St, Nicholas of Tiptree . . 77
Gloucestershire . . . .... . .80, 646, 674
Hampshire ... ..... . .83, 646, 674
Herefordshire . . . . . . . , 86, 647, 675
Hertfordshire 88, 647, 676
Huntingdonshire . . . . . . . 93, 677
Kent ......... 93, 647, 670, 678
    Priory of Tunbridge . . . , . , 110,647
Lancashire ......... 141, 678
Leicestershire 142, 648, 678
Lincolnshire 146
Middlesex 148
Monmouthshire . . . . . . . . . 165
Norfolk 166, 649, 670, 682
    Abbey of St. Bennet of Hulme .... 239,250
    Paston papers . . . . . . . . 251
Northamptonshire . . . .  . 254, 650, 682
    Priory of Daventry . . . . . . 256, 650
Northumberland . . . . . . . . 273, 683
Nottinghamshire ....... 274, 684
Oxfordshire . . . . . . . 277, 660, 684
    Priory of St. Nicholas, Littlemore . . . . . 292
    Priory of St. Frideswide ...... 300
    Abbey of St. Mary, Thame 314
    Abbey of St. Mary, Oseney . ... . . 315
Rutlandshire 685
Shropshire . . . . . . . . 385, 663
Somersetshire . . . . . . . 398, 663, 685
Staffordshire ... . . . . . 404, 663
Suffolk . . N . 410, 665
Surrey ... . . . . . . . 547, 685
Sussex . 550, 667, 685
Warwickshire 581, 685
Westmorland 583
Wiltshire . . 584, 667, 686
Worcestershire 588, 687
    Hospital of St. Wolstan . . . . . . 590
Yorkshire . 600, 687
Ireland 641, 699
Scotland . . . . . . . . . .641
Wales 642, 699
Appendix 644, 670
Miscellaneous . . . . . , . 667, 699
Dodsworth Charters 671
Pedigrees  . . 699


Extracts relating to Eure

Eure, 669.

Agnes de, 612.

Gregory, lord, 102.

Horatio, 102.

John de, 612-614, 634, 692.

Raffe, lord, 620.

Ralph, of New Malton, 620.

Ralph, 102, 610, 634, 638.

Raulyn de, 607.

Robert de, 612.

Sampson, 102.

Eure, William, lord, 635, 638.

ENESBY. Roger de Fulthorp grants to Raulyn de Eure all his lands and tenements in the village of Enesby in Clyveland.

Dated at Tunstall on St. Michael's day, 46 Ed. III. [With seal] [29 September 1372]

HAMSTERLEY and SOUTHBEDBURN. Final concord made at Durham on the feast of St. Matthew, apostle, 20 Ric. II, [21 September 1396] by which Robert Emeryson and Margaret his wife acknowledge the right of sir Ralph de Eure to two messuages, 24 acres of land, and 10 acres of meadow in Southbedburn and Hamsterle. For this the said Ralph gave them a young sparrow-hawk.

INGLEBY. John de Kirkeby grants to John de Eure and Agnes his wife the homage and service of William del How and his heirs for lands and tenements which he holds in Ingelbi near Grenehou, and also the homage and service of the prioress of Basadale for lands, &c. in the same village, and the homage and service of  Thomas the son of Walter Lane far lands, &c. in the same, also the homage, &c. of William the son of Juliana, for lands, &c. in the same,
(c. 1270-80.)

Hugh Fouler of Ingelby near Grenehou confirms to John de Eure the homage and service of Adam de Elleredby, son of Robert the clerk of Ingelby, and others, for lands and tenements held of him in Ingelby.
Dated at Ingelby the Monday next before the Purification of the Virgin, 1300.

Hugh le Fouler grants to John de Eure the homage and service of his tenants of Ingelby.
Dated at Ingelby the Monday next before the feast of Pentecost, 1301.

John de Euer confirms to Robert Snogel of Sayceby and Ellen his wife one bovate of land in the village of Ingelby.
Dated at Ingelby the Thursday next before the feast of St. Gregory, Pope, 1305. [With seal.]

A charter of obligation of John de Eure to pay to Robert, the son of Robert de Malteby, after thirty years, 10 annually for a messuage and lands in Calde Ingilby, if he should so long hold the same.
Dated at Calde Ingilby the Sunday next before tbe feast of the Assumption, 9 Ed. II.

Sir Marmaduke Constable, kt, releases sir John de Euer, kt., and Thomas Stormy of Dromundby from a bond upon a payment being made of X40 at Westminster to the work of Queen Philippa.
Dated at York the Thursday next after the feast of St. Bartholomew, 35 Ed. III. [With seal]  [26 Aug 1361]

Indenture witnessing that Robert de Eure grants to Isabella, who was the wife of Thomas Sturmy of Dromonby, two parts of his dovecot of 'Dromondby ' and the right of marriage of John son and heir of the said Thomas Sturmy.
Dated at Ingleby the Thursday next before the feast of St. Thomas, 1365. Ch. 167. [21 Dec 1365]

KIRKEBY. John de Kyrkeby grants to Sir John de Eure, kt., his lord, all tenements which he has in the village of Kyrkeby in Clyveland. (c. 1 290-1300.) Ch. 171.

John de Kirkeby, senior, confirms to John de Eure the homage and all services of Adam de Couppeland, clerk, and his heirs of all lands and tenements which the said Adam holds of him in the village of Kirkeby.

Dated at Stokesley on the vigil of St. John the Baptist, 1302. [Withseal:] Ch. 172.  [23 June 1302]


John de Kyrkeby, senior, grants to John de Eure the homage and service of his tenants of Kirkby, amongst whom are the prior of Hexaldesham, the prioress of Basdale, and the abbot of Rieval.

Dated at Inggelby the Wednesday next before the feast of St. John the Baptist, 1302. Ch. 173. [23 June 1302]

John de Eure grants and confirms to John de Kirkeby, senior, all right in 3s. ii\d. annual rent from two bovates of land in Kirkeby.

Dated at Inggelby the Wednesday next before the feast of St. John Bapt., 1302. Ch. 174. [23 June 1302]

John de Kyrkeby remits and quit-claims to sir John de Eure all right and claim in 35. ii\d. annual rents, which the said sir John covenants to pay to him annually; also all right to a messuage and a bovate of land, all in the village of Kirkeby.

Dated at Engleby near Grenehowe, the Sunday next before the feast of St. Gregory, Pope, 1306. Ch. 176. [6 March 1306]

Margaret, daughter of John de Kirkeby, remits and quit-claims to sir John de Eure, her lord, all right in one toft and croft in the village of Kirkeby. Dated at Ingilby, 31st May, 8 Ed. II. Ch. 179. [31 May 1315]

Indenture made . . April, 25th year of . . . . , by which the right
honble. Raffe, lord Eure, demises to Richard Medd and Cristobell ....
two closes and a cottage within the lordship of Old Malton, for 2 1
years, at an annual rent of 30. Ch. 200*.

TON. Grant of free warren by K. James I to Ralph Eure of New
Malton, esq., for the above lands and manors.

Dated 11 July, 17 James I. Ch. 201.


p633, 634
William, son of Simon the smith of Stokesley, remits and quit-claims to sir John de Eure, kt., all right he had in one burgage lying in Stokesley.

Dated at Stokesley the Wednesday next after the feast of the translation of St. Thomas, 21 Ed. III [26 Dec 1347]

Indenture between sir Ralph de Eure, kt., of the one part, and William Colynson of the other part, witnesseth,

WHITBY (Abbey of). Lease from the Crown granted to
Christopher Pj^karde of the chapel of Newton, in Cleveland under
Oversbury, part of the rectory of Ingleby, and late belonging to the
monastery of Whitby, for 21 years, at an annual rent of 33s. 4c?., the
reversion of which together with the rent granted to William, lord
Dated 27 July, 17 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 36.

An indenture made the loth of April, 25th year of Q. Elizabeth,
between the rt. hon. William lord Eure of the one part, and Richard
Medd, Robert Bell, and Christabell White, of the second part, wit-
nesseth that lord Eure has demised to Richard Medd, Robert Bell, and
Christabell White two closes called Potter's and White's closes, with
a cottage, for 2 1 years, or during the life of Ralph Eure, son and heir
of lord Eure. Ch. 21.

William grants to Juliana Wa .... 2s. 6d. annual rent going out of her tenement of Eure ; for this she paid 7s. sterling.
Dated on the feast of St. Lucy, virgin, 25 Ed. I. [Mutilated.]

WESTERDALE MANOR. Writ of King Edward II, to the
sheriff of Warwick, reciting the inquisition on the death of Guy de
Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, by which it was found that at his death
he was seised in fee of the manor of Westerdale, a member of the
barony of Castle Barnard, which said manor is alleged by John de
Eure to be part of his barony of Stokesleye, and to have been in his
possession 17 years before the death of the said Guy; the said John
having been dispossessed of the said manor by John le Irays, constable of
Castle Barnard, the sheriff is commanded to make an inquiry into the
said matters and to cite William la Zousche, who had married Alice,
widow of the said Guy de Beauchamp, as the said manor had been
assigned to her as dower.

Dated at Clarendon, 25 Feb., loth Ed. 11. p. 86.

bishop of Durham, grants to Walter de Bermeton a toft and 127
acres of land of the waste in the fields of Wotton, Escoumb, and
Stanhope, to hold the same for an annual rent of [625. 3c?]. (c. 1300.)
[With seal]

ROMNEY. An exemplification of a fine made in the court of
common pleas, dated upon the day of the three weeks of St. Michael,
in the year of our Lord, 1659, by which George, lord Eure, Horatio
Eure, Sampson Eure, gent., Ralph Eure, gent., William Kayes, clerk,
and Elizabeth his wife, and John Pickering and Deborah his wife,
acknowledge certain messuages, gardens, and lands in the above
villages to be the right of Charles Lambert, gent., and Joshua
Pordage, gent.

Dated at Westminster, 24 Oct., 1659. [With seal.'\ Ch. 227.